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No severe disease or chronic illness can exist in an individual with an intact and fully functional immune system!

Cancer Treatment Clinic

Our Centre is designed to provide patients with the opportunity to gain information on the integrative diagnostic and treatment options available for you and/or your loved one.

In addition, our detailed consultations are still available and recommended should you want to begin treatment with us. We want to allow you the opportunity to make an informed decision in regards to possible diagnostic and treatment modalities available. Cancer is a serious, and complex disease which we feel requires a multi-disciplinary, multi-modality treatment approach in order to have the greatest success and the best possible outcome. Due to the nature of the disease, no two patients, even with the same type of cancer and the same stage are alike, thus we formulate a very specific treatment plan on an individual basis.

About our clinic

  • Our Clinic has become known for its diagnostic testing & treatment options:

    Diagnostic Options:

    We offer "Chemo Sensitivity Testing", because knowing what agents are effective for your cancer can only create a more targeted way of killing tumor cells. In addition, we provide a new leading diagnostic test, "Thymidine Kinase Assay". This test allows us to evaluate and quantify the activity of your cancer, before, during and after any treatments.

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